2014 LA Shriners Hospital

2014 Back to School Fair - LA Shriners Hospital

Clowns Cover

Saturday August 23rd the LA Shriners Hospital blocked off the street and had a Back To School Fair for the patients and residents of the area.

Al Bahr Shriners were invited up to help participate and make it a fun event for the kids. The Clowns unit and the Tin Lizzies unit participated and had a great day!

While the clowns were inside, outside, and all around with their zaney usual mahem the kids love, the Tin Lizzies were staged outside to give the kids and adults alike rides in the custom Tot-Tow trailers.

The event ran for well over 4 hours and involved many booths for fun, food, as well as health checks for the kids. Everyone had a great time!

Please enjoy the pictures from the event below.

Pictures from the Event