Anthony Mc Lean

Assistant_Rabban 2022

Anthony Mc Lean has served Masonry from Blue Lodge through York and Scottish Rites, demonstrating service, administration and leadership both at local levels as well as jurisdiction.

As a Past Master in two lodges he has been presented the Hiram Award and the equivalent accolades in the Commandery and a DeMolay former Recorder in Commandery and an advisor in DeMolay.

In 2013 he joined Al Bahr shrine and immediately joined the clown unit, and currently completing his second year as Director for that unit. He has worked with the clowns to develop communication systems for organization for events and attendance. At parades he works closely with other units to promote cooperation and safety for all those in attendance.

As has served as 2nd Ceremonial Master he was pleased to perform his duties at the two ceremonials and stated meeting dinners and the ribbon cutting of the Pasadena Medical Center. Additionally he was appointed as Al Bahr’s liaison with DeMolay which included organizing 100 year anniversary our temple.

Through the experience in all aspects of Masonry, especially his experience at Al Bahr, he demonstrates an ongoing commitment to brotherhood and charity, which is best embodied in the Shrine. He looks forward to bringing the same organization, spirit of teamwork and dedication to Al Bahr.