John Gowen

High_Priest_and_Prophet 2022

John Gowen was raised in Unity Lodge in 2003 and later initiated into Al Bahr Shriners in 2008. A member of Al Bahr’s Legion of Honor, Past Master’s Club, Hillbilly Clan, Patrol, and the Ritual Cast. Despite rumors to the contrary, he is not yet a member of the Clowns. Outside of Al Bahr, he served the International Association Legions of Honor as an Aide to their Commander.

Serving 24 years in the U.S. Navy on a variety of ships, John retired in 2001. Prior to working in the Navy, he worked several years as a professional kite flyer. After retiring from the Navy, he worked in the Hospitality Industry for 8 years and now works as a Salesman in the Packaging Industry.

In Unity Lodge, John has served 18 years in various elected officer positions. Additionally, he is active in the York Rite bodies and has served as the head of or is currently serving in the progressive lines of the Chapter, Council, Commandery, Allied Masonic Degrees, and the York Rite College. In the Scottish Rite, he is active in the ritual cast and has been honored by being selected for inclusion in the Knight Commander Court of Honor.