John P Harris Jr

Recorder 2022

John was raised a Master Mason in Fairport-Flower City Lodge #476, Fairport, New York. After years of being a sojourner he is also a member of San Diego Lodge #35. John is also a member of the San Diego Scottish Rite.

After walking the Hot Sands, of the Shrine in 2011, he has held several positions with the Shrine: including being Vice President of the Tin Lizzies, a two term President of the Tin Lizzies, Webmaster, Editor of the AlBahroMeter, Chair of the IT Committee, and a member of the Phone Tree Committee as well as the Bylaws Committee.

John is well known for lending a helping hand wherever possible to aid and assist his fellow Nobles.

Professionally, John has worked in the IT industry for 20 years for companies such as Xerox, HP, EDS, and many small contract firms. He is currently a Sr IT Infrastructure Engineer for Verizon. He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University.

John has a beautiful wife, Rhonda, and three children, Sydney, Jessica, and Samantha. I'm sure you will see their smiling, laughing faces down at the Shrine center if you stop by when school is out or at special Shrine functions.

John has been the Al Bahr Recorder since 2015.