Potentate | Mike George

As we begin the 2023 year, we, as Al Bahr Shriners, look forward to continued growth and Noble involvement in our Shrine and the multitude of activities we have planned for this Shrine Year. Being elected as Potentate for 2023 is truly an honor for myself and my Lady Donna. We both believe that the Shrine is more than our building. Our Nobles and their Ladies are all part of who we truly are. We go beyond that by including our families in what we do and the reasons why we exist. It is my hope that we can continue to grow in membership as well as in our Units and Clubs so that we can find fun and enjoyment in the things we choose to do in our Shrine. Lady Donna will be working with her Executive Assistant, Cora Curry, to develop new ideas for engaging our Shrine family at our Stated Meetings as well as at all activities that we hold during this Shrine year. We need to come together as Al Bahr Shriners to build strength in all we do. I believe that as Shriners, we have committed ourselves to fun and enjoyment, but also as philanthropists who genuinely believe in the work we do for our Shrine Children as well as our twenty-two Medical Centers and Hospitals throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Our theme for this year is Fellowship, Integrity, and Brotherly Love. Our mission is to “Help Kids Be Kids.” As Brothers/Nobles, we respect each other and the reasons that we have become Free Masons and Shriners. Our Integrity is always beyond question, and we always function within our Masonic/Shrine principles in everything we do. The way we do things and how we do them shows our Brotherly Love for our Brother-Noble Shriners but also for all people we come in contact with. There is no other fraternal organization in the world that holds these three truths to be evident in all that we do and support. Together, working to support each other, we can make Al Bahr Shrine an active and vibrant place to be proud of.

We, as Al Bahr Shriners, have major decisions to make about the future of our beloved Shrine Temple. We have held many discussions over the years about our Temple and the future of staying in it. Our Nobles will have to make a decision this year that will guide our Shrine into the future. We can no longer “kick the can down the road.” Whatever decisions our Nobles make, we have to remember that Al Bahr Shrine is made up of its membership. The nobles who call themselves Al Bahr Shriners are what we are all about. Our members are Al Bahr Shrine. Together we can and will solve any issues related to our future. Our bond as Noble Brothers makes us all members of Al Bahr Shrine.

Mike George
Potentate 2023

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